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My raw food lifestyle… in a nutshell!

Let me introduce you to my raw food lifestyle. It probably won’t surprise you that I hear the question below a lot…

“So, what exactly do you eat in a typical day then Phil?!”  

It’s a great question, firstly because I’m passionate about the foods I choose to eat, and secondly because the way I eat is actually very straightforward and has simplified my life in many ways.  It has been a relief to move away from the time-consuming meal planning and gourmet recipes of my past, and adopt a way of eating that is simply centred around the freshest, raw, plant-based and organic foods I can find!   To be clear, I have chosen to live a plant-based, raw/living food lifestyle, however I do include raw organic bee pollen and other bee products within my diet too, as I understand these to be an amazing source of nutrients.   These foods are alive and nutritious.  Put simply, they are health-giving foods that will help you to discover your Best YOU Yet! So in a nutshell (please excuse the pun!), my typical daily diet consists almost entirely of the following delicious foods…
Raw and organic fruit, vegetables, salad, as well as properly prepared nuts and seeds
(see below).  I do avoid high-starch vegetables such as potato and sweet potato, as well as avoiding all legumes such as beans, chickpeas and lentils.
Delicious homemade cultures…
such as nut and seed milks, nut yoghurts, and even seed cheese!  These are easy to make using properly prepared nuts and seeds (also known as ‘activated’ which simply means being soaked in water prior to use for a set amount of time).  These ‘activated’ nuts and seeds are then blended with water and allowed to ferment with the help of PuraDyme’s Probiotic product 
healthy fats found in avocado, coconut, olives and extra virgin olive oil (organic, cold-pressed, and packaged in a darkened glass bottle), plus the health-giving fats found in nuts and seeds of course!
tasty homemade nut butters – it’s cheaper and more nutritious to make these yourself using ‘activated’ nuts which have then been dehydrated.  Nut butters make totally delicious snacks, particularly combined with apple chunks or celery sticks!
natural sweeteners (used on a more occasional basis) such as raw honey, date paste, coconut palm sugar, Xylitol, or Stevia.
So typically, my daily diet might look something like this…
  • a smoothie whizzed up in my Vitamix! This could include spinach, banana, celery, mango, homemade almond yoghurt, water (or another liquid such as my homemade hemp seed milk) and PuraDyme’s Raw Liyf Protein powder
  • a salad may include mixed leaves, lettuce, seasonal heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, avocado. Plus a simple dressing of salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.  
  • a salad, similar to the one above, with ground seeds, seed cheese or almond culture. Plus some different varieties of dressing.
Snacks (eaten mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon):
  • a typical snack could be grapes, berries, melon, apples from the garden, almond yoghurt (sometimes sprinkled with bee pollen), sprouted buckwheat, or simply some leftover smoothie from Breakfast time!
Eat organic food wherever possible, therefore keeping my food as natural and toxin-free as I can.  I also drink plenty of pure, filtered water throughout the day to make sure i’m optimally hydrated too! I hope this has been helpful in addressing some of the specifics of my raw food lifestyle.  Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.  You can call me on: 07889 908525, or connect with me via the Contact form on this site. Until next time… Phil The Raw Builder
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