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Phil's Blog


My Raw Food Lifestyle – Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s blog I thought it might be helpful to address some of the typical questions that I often get asked.  People frequently seem intrigued by my raw food lifestyle, so I always welcome questions and comments. I hope you enjoy reading my answers below… Why have you decided not to eat meat, fish and …

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My raw food lifestyle… in a nutshell!

Let me introduce you to my raw food lifestyle. It probably won’t surprise you that I hear the question below a lot… “So, what exactly do you eat in a typical day then Phil?!”   It’s a great question, firstly because I’m passionate about the foods I choose to eat, and secondly because the way …

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Raw Food Lifestyle Lifestyle

Seven Proven Benefits of a Raw Food Lifestyle

Have you ever noticed that diets don’t work? How can you adopt a new raw food lifestyle? As you may have discovered if you’ve had ago at depriving yourself of those delicious goodies you succumb to, diets don’t work. The main reason diets don’t work is because they are not sustainable. So what’s the alternative? …

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Do One Thing Lifestyle

Do One Thing – Change Your Life for the Better!

How would you like to change your life for the better one step at a time? The Raw Builder’s ‘Do One Thing’ philosophy is the simplest way to make the raw food lifestyle work for you; instilling smart habits into your daily routine that will become central to your life – for the rest of …

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