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What happens if you don’t produce enough enzymes?

There are times when the body doesn’t make enough digestive enzymes. This will obviously have an impact on the digestive process.

So, what happens when you don’t produce enough digestive enzymes?

If you don’t make enough lactase, you will not be able to digest lactose effectively, which is the sugar found in milk. Lactose that is not digested then passes into your colon in the liquid form that you consumed it. This leads to bloating and flatulence – there is physically more stuff in your colon and that stuff reacts with bacteria in the colon to produce gas. Other digestive enzyme deficiencies will affect how other types of food are digested, leading to similar problems with bloating and flatulence. But failing to digest food properly has other, broader consequences. You do not absorb all the nutrients available in your food and the body also has to work harder than it would otherwise to absorb the required nutrients. In effect, you are not getting enough fuel for your body, and your body is having to work harder than necessary to get any fuel it is getting. It is a digestive double whammy – not enough petrol going into an engine that is having to use more petrol than other engines. This is not going to end well. It is why many people report huge improvements in their energy levels and their skin and hair condition after starting taking digestive enzyme supplements. It is not just about how your tummy feels – it is about the whole you.

How can Puradyme help?

Puradyme products are designed to help provide your body with the right enzymes, fatty acids, glucose, vitamins and phyto-nutrients on a daily basis. Discover our store to find out Puradyme can take you to a whole new you.
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