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When should I take digestive enzymes?

For people who can’t make enough digestive enzymes because of a serious health condition, GPs prescribe enzyme medication. These conditions include pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis or cancer of the pancreas. Usually, the cause of digestive enzyme deficiency is more general and more subtle. But the impact can be significant. Have you had bloating, flatulence or feel run down? Have you seen a GP to check that the symptoms are not something serious? You should consider taking digestive enzyme supplements. Digestive enzymes help break down food so the body can absorb nutrients. They are absorbed into the blood through the walls of the small intestine, and the blood then carries these broken down molecules all around the body to fuel it. Failing to digest food properly means you are not fuelling the body properly. You do not absorb all the nutrients that are available and the body also has to work harder than it should to absorb the required nutrients. In effect, you are not getting enough fuel for your body. This means that your body is having to work harder than needed to get any fuel it is getting. We call it the digestive double whammy – not enough petrol going into an engine that is having to use more petrol than other engines. It is why many people report huge improvements in their energy levels, their skin and hair condition after starting taking digestive enzyme supplements. It is not just about how your tummy feels – it is about the whole you.

What about Puradyme?

Puradyme products are designed help ensure your body gets the right probiotics, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and phyto- nutrients.You can find out more about why The Raw Builder believes food supplements are such an important part of a healthy raw food diet here.
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