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Raw Liyf Protein Super Berry


PuraDyme Raw Liyf Protein 900g is a highly bio-available enzyme enhanced, plant based, raw vegan, living protein that was formulated & balanced with a powerful ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, & calories!

Who is Raw Liyf Protein for? It’s for anyone that is looking for a good quality source of plant based protein.

What are the top benefits of Raw Liyf Protein? Raw Liyf will help boost your metabolic rate, promote fat loss & lean body mass, sustain muscle during weight loss, increase muscle fitness & improve your immunity & antioxidant function!

How do I use Raw Liyf Protein? Mix 2 scoops with 250ml of water or your favourite milk alternative. Blend well. This can also be used in a variety of tasty smoothies!

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Serving size: 2 scoops 

Servings per container: 70

Natural Ingredients

Proprietary Blend of Pea Protein, Hemp Protein, Goji Berry (Juice & Extract), Fruit & Veggie Blend (Wild Blueberry, Apple, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Oat Bran, Red Bell Pepper, Carrot, Wild Bilberry, Cherry, Blackberry, Cranberry, Grapes, Orange, Pomegranate, Watermelon, Black Current, Beetroot, Broccoli, Cucumber, Okra, Wild yam) Jerusalem Artichoke, FOS, Protease, Acidophilus Probiotic  


Mix 2 scoops with water, almond mylk, rice milk or coconut water. Mix well in a blender or shaker. 

Proprietary Blend of Pea Protein, Hemp Protein, Goji Berry (Juice & Extract), Jerusalem Artichoke, FOS, Protease, Acidophilus Probiotic 

Do Not Use if Safety Seal is Broken

Store in Cool, Dry, Place, Best Refrigerated.
Keep Tightly Sealed

Puradyme Commitment to Quality:

No Toxic Fillers, No Binders, No Extenders, No Excipients, No Preservatives, No Heavy Metals, No Stimulants, No Gluten, No Soy, No Lactose, No Animal Derivatives, No Microbes or Fungi, No Chemicals or Solvents, No Harmful Substances, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Sugars