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Will going raw vegan save the planet?

One word: yes. Going raw vegan can save the planet.  A paper published in the journal Science last year came to this conclusion – we have to embrace veganism to save the world from climate disaster. The study led the acclaimed Oxford environmentalist George Monbiot to write: “Whether human beings survive this century and the next, whether other lifeforms can live alongside us: more than anything, this depends on the way we eat. “We can cut our consumption of everything else almost to zero and still we will drive living systems to collapse, unless we change our diets. All the evidence now points in one direction: the crucial shift is from an animal- to a plant-based diet.” The paper found that animal farming takes up 83% of the world’s agricultural land. Yet delivers only 18% of the calories we consume. A totally plant-based diet cuts the use of land by 76% . It will also halve the greenhouse gases and other pollution that are caused by food production. It is not an isolated piece of science either. Another study in the journal Nature in October 2018 reached the same conclusion. It’s said that the world’s current food production system has “contributed to the crossing of several of the proposed ‘planetary boundaries’ that attempt to define a safe operating space for humanity on a stable Earth system”. It added: “Greenhouse gas emissions cannot be sufficiently mitigated without dietary changes towards more plant-based diets.”

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